27th October 2020

A vision for vibrancy

Our team have embarked on an exciting new project in Sligo on the west coast of Ireland.

Partnering with Sligo County Council, we are developing a kit of parts public realm wayfinding system that not only provides connectivity to town assets, local transport and visitor attractions but also supports safe and accessible movement and promotes healthy and active lifestyles.

The Council’s vision is to create of a vibrant town centre with pedestrian priority, safe streets, new linkages, urban spaces and the revitalisation of existing assets.

The new scheme is to be underpinned by an interpretation and placemaking narrative that will play a vital role in supporting the Council’s vision for Sligo to become a ‘destination place’. We are working with the project team and a variety of stakeholders to develop visitor experiences that deliver a range of narratives to meet social, cultural and economic goals for the town.