28th January 2020

More than a home

Hospitality group Cheval Collection aim to make their high-end apartment residences as comfortable as home and ‘blissfully easy’ for their guests. Their latest new London refurbishment project is Cheval Gloucester Park, Kensington

Cheval deliver ‘easy’ in the range of services and spaces offered. Luxury interiors agency 1508 London created ‘home’. Our task was to deliver the subtle details that meet the Cheval vision of easy and home completely. 

We created effortless, comforting guidance through the spaces in general and to apartments in particular. We used our deep knowledge of how people orientate themselves in unfamiliar spaces. 

Once we have the technical or people flow brief in place we work on weaving guest wayfinding seamlessly into the interiors aesthetic. The themes 1508 London set were the interplay of classic and contemporary design styles, smooth transitions between spaces and the use of light and reflection. Beautiful ‘Modern British’.

1508 London choose to work with us because they know we get their vision and how the overall vision comes to life in every detail. 

In this case we picked up the signals from the reading spaces and the brass light fittings used throughout the residence. The result is playful and beautiful ‘book cover’ signs: book binding wrapped; silk screen printed signs mounted in antique brass frames that are polished to match the light fittings exactly. They do their guest orientation job beautifully.

Each apartment entrance is modelled on a traditional black Georgian house door. Just what you would expect to see in the houses of surrounding Kensington. We picked up this theme and made it even more authentic by specifying plinths mounted on the tops of the architraves. Each plinth is hand painted to match the architrave and the apartment number silk screen printed. 

No matter how many times we achieve design and function coming together so effectively and appropriately it continues to feel great.