24th May 2018

Brighton Dome – bold, beautiful and very Brighton

Inspired by a painting in an early 19th century publication on Oriental Scenery, the exotic Brighton Dome was originally built as the stables and riding house of the Prince of Wales in 1803. Today it is one of the premier performance venues in the UK hosting over 600 events every year spanning music, theatre, dance, comedy, literature, spoken word, visual arts, film and more.

It’s also a landmark building in Brighton contributing much to the big personality of the town. We sensitively developed a wayfinding scheme that was mindful of the building’s Grade 2 listing and picked up the strong visual identity of the building.

Directional information used fire retardant cotton banners silkscreen printed with gold ink. Destination labelling and interpretative graphics were directly applied to the walls also using gold ink. External building identification comprised of banners and gold-coated laser cut aluminium lettering. It’s bold, beautiful and very Brighton.

Brighton Dome