31st March 2023

Who knew?!

Camden Town Hall, which was originally built in 1937, will re-open in May with a grand fanfare! Whilst developing a new wayfinding scheme for the building we decided to re-purpose two existing brass and glass (we thought) signs positioned over two thresholds off the entrance lobby. On closer inspection, the brass housings contained original 4″ filament bulbs, knob and tube cloth covered wiring and the glass turned out to be (badly scratched) acrylic.

Who knew acrylic was available in 1937… Upon this discovery and after further investigation, we discovered acrylic (not glass) was used in the construction of Spitfire cockpit hoods… astonishing!!

The signs will now have the badly scratched acrylic panels replaced with toughened, low-iron glass and will be gilded with the text ‘GRAND LOBBY’ by the celebrated lettering artist Philip Surey. The brass housings, with all their patina, will be retained; both signs will be back in their rightful places by the end of April.