21st April 2020

Colourful distractions in lockdown

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, the studio like the rest of the country has been placed in an unprecedented situation where we have been isolated from one another and confined to our own homes. The usual daily distractions like taking the train into the city, walking to the studio, meeting for coffee, or seeing other people, have all been removed.

Having a bit more time on our hands than normal, the Whybrow Pedrola team decided it would be a good opportunity to put our own homes and what’s around us to good use. Throughout the month of April the team created a series of self-initiated daily exercises to help keep in touch with each other, and keep spirits up.

One of these creative exercises was to capture a daily photograph of a nominated colour for each day of the week. It was our nod to the rainbow being used across the country as a symbol of support for people wanting to show solidarity with NHS and key workers on the front line.

It was an enjoyable and uplifting project discovering some of the simple things found during our day and reminds us that people across the world are experiencing the same situation.