24th April 2022

Contextual appropriateness

Working with a simple palette of locally grown North American timbers and single colour laminated panels, we are finalising designs for a new wayfinding scheme for a city recreation centre on the west coast of Canada.

The arrangement and orientation of the building spaces allow direct views towards the mountains that surrounds the city providing a spectacular backdrop and connection to the natural environment.

Building on this unique identity and setting, delivering an emotional and physical connection to the natural environment is deeply valued.

Known for its beauty, strength and stability we are using environmentally certified Douglas Fir timbers produced in simple vertical forms. No mechanical fixings are used, instead we are working with local timber craftsman to provide a series of timber dowel joinery fixings.

Vibrant and engaging coloured panels respond to the rich autumnal tones that cascade down over the mountains during the change of seasons.

Whybrow Pedrola Contextual appropriateness