30th September 2021

Leaving Egos at the Door

The original no-agenda annual lunch for the creative industry is now over a quarter of a century old. Organised and hosted by the wonderful Phil Jones, his daughter Clare (and his wife Babs) Podge allows friends, rivals, icons (and even people given posh acronyms by Her Majesty The Queen) to meet old friends, make new ones, share stories whilst indulging in fine food washed down with exquisite wine.

After two Podge-free years during the pandemic the 26th Design Podge took place at The Groucho Club, the famous Soho institution located in Dean Street, London. Probably not the world’s longest lunch (12.30pm until late!) a fabulous time was had by all. 

Roll on the 27th!!

ian whybrow podge
podge the groucho club

Photography courtesy of: Jonathan Cole