25th November 2019

Representing the nation’s bookshelves

The evolution of Nine Elms into the newest and brightest cultural precinct south of the Thames has had a major boost with the decision of publishing giant Penguin Random House UK relocating to One Embassy Gardens.

As part of Penguin’s move to Embassy Gardens, we were commissioned to create a temporary installation along 60m of pedestrian walkway to provide screening between their new headquarters and the adjacent construction works at Linear Park.

Penguin books have accompanied people of all ages on their journey of discovery of the greatest stories, the smartest thinking and the best ideas. Scan the spines in any reader’s bookcase, and no matter their taste, you’ll find a common element – Penguin books. Appreciating the influence Penguin books has had within the British vernacular, has inspired us to celebrate the nation’s bookshelves.

To engage visitors and staff as they approach the building, and to create a point for conversation, we developed a series of larger than life book spines with graphics rooted in the designs originally created by Penguin house designer Edward Young over 80 years ago.

temporary installation