18th November 2021

The presence and drama of a town’s architecture

A key component in our ongoing work for the Royal Leamington Spa town wayfinding scheme is the development of important landmarks.

This is not only to create basic functionality in providing orientation and navigation, but to deliver wayfinding communication with a strong identity that introduces personality, storytelling, and importantly engages emotion.

We believe strongly that wayfinding within towns and cities should have their own identity; an identity that is truly authentic and has meaning. Leamington Spa contains fine ensembles of beautiful and historically important architecture, along with award-winning parks and gardens including many treasured memorials and local icons.

Our goal in designing the visual language is to create a natural extension to the rich legacy of the town’s Regency Period. By revealing many of Leamington’s most significant buildings and celebrated landmarks – including the Jephson Gardens Gates, Mill Bridge, The Bandstand, Linden Arches and more; wayfinding communication is contributing to a deeper relationship between the town and its audience.

Visitors, and more importantly locals, will learn more about the town and the environment around them.