24th February 2020

Site work begins on the National Cathedral of Ghana

We are excited to see that work has finally begun in earnest on the construction of the National Cathedral of Ghana.

At the recent foundation laying ceremony, signalling the commencement of work on the site – the Ghanaian president described it as “a thanksgiving to God for all the blessings and graces to the nation.”

Based in the nation’s capital, Accra – the Cathedral will comprise a number of chapels, a baptistery, a music school, a choir rehearsal, a grand central hall, as well as a two-level auditorium with 5000 seats. That is in addition to an art gallery, a shop, multi-use spaces together with Africa’s first Bible museum and Documentation Center.

During the past twelve months we have been working in collaboration with Adjaye Architects and Why Not Associates in developing a wayfinding and placemaking scheme for the Cathedral and its surrounding gardens.

External wayfinding concepts are being developed to express a natural harmony with the 14-acre landscaped Adinkra-influenced gardens, while wayfinding throughout the Cathedral takes inspiration from the Cathedral’s colour palette and architectural expression giving countenance to both Christian orthodoxy and Ghanaian cultural traditions. 

We look forward to realising these concepts over the next 18 months as the construction develops on site.