28th May 2020

The oldest school in the world…

The King’s School, Canterbury is Britain’s oldest public school and is arguably the oldest continuously operating school in the world, having been founded in AD 597 following the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Notable alumni include Orlando Bloom, Oz Clarke, David Gower, Millie Knight, Somerset Maughan, Michael Morpurgo and Antony Worrall Thompson amongst countless others.

We were invited by Studio Fernando Gutiérrez to collaboratively develop wayfinding schemes for The King’s School’s Malthouse campus; this site – formerly a 1.25 hectare ex-industrial site – was home to a dis-used Victorian Malthouse and second-hand car dealership. The Malthouse was refurbished and transformed in to The Malthouse Theatre Canterbury by Tim Ronalds Architects and The King’s School International College was built on the site of the demolished dealership, designed by Walters & Cohen Architects.

The wayfinding schemes were designed to be intuitive and sympathetic with each building, but with subtle flourishes which referenced each other so binding the buildings in to a single piece which is The King’s School Malthouse Campus.   

subtle wayfinding schemes