7th October 2017

When Tower Bridge didn’t close

The Tower Bridge Exhibition is the most exciting way to explore the most famous bridge in the world.

This was originally a project for Whybrow in 2009 where we completed the wayfinding, signage, and (in collaboration with Atelier Works) the graphics for Tower Bridge Walkway Exhibition and Engine Room Exhibition. We also designed and made the furniture for the visitors to sit and enjoy the walkways.

In 2017 we were once again engaged by the City of London to update the panels in Tower Bridge’s East and West walkways.

New graphic friezes were created to bring the exhibition up to date, and two additional new panels fabricated. All panels were removed, repositioned and new graphics installed over two nights. With 600,000 visitors a year, the exhibition couldn’t afford to close. Working overnight ensured the exhibition wasn’t left without panels for the daytime tourists and visitors. It also meant the team had some amazing views at a time of day that isn’t usually experienced by the public.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge