29th August 2019

Whybrow Pedrola in Philadelphia: The Stories Places Tell

Ian Whybrow and Heath Pedrola have recently returned from speaking at the annual SEGD Wayfinding and Placemaking Event 2019. The two-day conference held at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture and Design is the largest wayfinding event on the SEGD calendar.

As part of the International Design Sessions, Whybrow Pedrola represented British design practice alongside City ID and Lucy Holmes Design. 

The line-up featured leaders in the industry from around the world speaking about global methodologies and how these inform and adapt to the culture and countries they work in.

Whybrow Pedrola have vast experience working within many heritage listed environments and buildings of national significance such as The British Museum, Tate Britain and King’s College London. Ian and Heath delivered separate talks on projects that are unique and symbolic to Britain; its history, its culture and its people.

Based on the narrative ‘The Stories Places Tell’ – Ian and Heath revealed how walking in the footsteps of history allowing each place to tell its own story and collective identity creates authentic experiences that connect people to place.

Working on sites of national significance, Ian and Heath see their roles as guardians for a point in time; honouring the past while creating an expression for the new.