UAL: Chelsea College of Arts

Feels like home

Feels like home

A student at Chelsea College of Arts drew this. They’d gone off on a bit of a tangent, we asked for images of journeys around the campus. It was part of our research for the wayfinding brief we were working on.

But, nevertheless, we loved what they produced. In such a simple way it showed their feelings about the campus. They felt completely at home there.

Wayfinding and environmental design are fundamental to helping people feel comfortable in unfamiliar places. It is, of course, about direction and orientation – the technical aspect of what we do. But it’s also about picking up environmental cues and working with them to develop signage that fits and works on a deeper level particular to that place.

When it’s right we think of it as belonging to that place. That, in turn, helps people using the place to feel right and if they belong there too.

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