The Sense of Direction.

Thoughtful and creative wayfinding and environmental graphic design.

Founded in 2003 and based at Somerset House in London and Margate Old Town, Kent, Whybrow Studio’s team of strategists and designers balance analytical rigour, graphic design flair, brand implementation skill, project management discipline, value engineering capability, manufacturing know-how and delivery drive. We apply our skills across a multitude of project types ranging from niche to large scale infrastructure.

We do it with poise, enjoyment and confidence in our ability to solve problems, help others and deliver great work.

The team is led by founder Ian Whybrow, who is also London Chair of the Society for Experiential Graphic Design.


We start with a simple question.

Who needs what from this space?

The architect needs to see their vision honoured in every detail of signing, orientation and navigation guidance.

Operations and visitor managers need visitor flow understood, pressure points identified and managed.

Maintenance need durable, accessible, easy to care for wayfinding installations.

Communications and brand need to see brand understood, respected and consistently executed.

Business, construction and project people need to see value from wayfinding experts who know how to work with multidisciplinary teams who can get it right fast.

And then there are the people who use the space. They need to get on confidently and easily with what they’re there for. It may be a museum, a hospital, an airport, a school, a visitor attraction, an office.

We think of our work as giving everyone a good sense of direction whether they have one innately or not.

Our work never shouts directions. We always guide gently. Everyone likes that feeling.

whybrowpedrola sense of belonging

The sense of belonging – a series

We are publishing a series of posts on our social media platforms to illustrate how we work to achieve what we call ‘the sense of belonging.’ It’s an insight into how we work. It could also help readers who aren’t familiar with wayfinding and environmental design to understand what’s involved in the discipline and why it really matters.

In our series we share snapshots that reveal how we think about the details that deliver identity – the harmonious relationship – that feels right to place and people.

Read the full series here. We hope you enjoy them.

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Whybrow Studio Limited
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United Kingdom