29th August 2018

A new address for Gloucester

We are working with local council, developers and key stakeholders to develop a wayfinding and placemaking strategy for King’s Quarter, Gloucester. The city is a blend of precincts which have distinct cultural, heritage and commercial identities. Each has a recognisable atmosphere, which attracts an informed and varied patron base.

The King’s Quarter project is at the heart of the city’s vision for regeneration and will become a catalyst for a coherent and high quality new pedestrian information system that is authentic to place; one that truly belongs to Gloucester.

The formalisation of King’s Quarter as a new civic space will add a new dimension to the spatial structure and information hierarchy of the city. It will also provide improved pedestrian connectivity from the train station and the newly refurbished Gloucester Transport Hub creating a new gateway for visitors to this diverse and interesting city.

King’s Quarter